Kim Balogh’s Book, The Wide Road, UPDATE

kims bookunnamed

Kim Balogh‘s Book,The Wide Road, UPDATE, in regards to my last post concerning Kailey Bradley booksformks.

Kailey Bradley booksformks has now rectified her mistakes by putting the cover of my book on Goodreads, which I did not however, give her permission to do. Also, she has re-written her caption of my book which I also did not give her permission to do, (She was to write her opinion on her web blog exclusively and for her audience, not the WWW.)

However, she still maintains her negative attitude about my book, which is being circulated on the net. (Appreciate prayers)
My book is being professionally edited for any over looked spelling and grammar errors. So I do apologize if you found a spelling mistake in my story, if you bought the book. However, I am sure that most people would over look a flaw in order to receive the spiritual food given throughout the story.

Kailey Bradley booksformks, obviously has made a judgment call without all the information, probably because she has not read the book. (read 20 pages)  If she had then maybe, and I say again maybe, she would have understood that the book is a metaphor, uses prose, and expressive words for the purpose of making it a satire, in order to show the silly mind sets of the lost.

My book is also filled with humor and parables showing the ideologies of this world. Maybe if she had read the book, she would have understanding of why I have used what she calls “the use of verbose and redundant words.”

I will be examining carefully both chapter one and two of my story in upcoming blogs so please stay tuned. I will be looking at such “verbose and redundant words” like carnal nature, moral conscience, the deceitfulness of sin, pursue with rigorous fervor, worldly endeavors, land of Self-seeking, out of nowhere sprung up from the cracks of the hard cold ground, vines, which began ever so craftily to wind themselves about the traveler of the wide road’s feet, free from the ensnarement of the cares of this life, this deceptive valley, etc.

My personal opinion, and again I say my personal opinion, is that if some of the “avid readers” of today are used to reading the very short, non expressive, quick reads in print, that do not feed your soul, then my story probably will not be liked by them.

After all, not many people, even those calling themselves Christians, want to take a good look at their heart condition. However, I wrote this story with its “verbose and redundant words,” to show people what is in the unregenerate heart!

If you really don’t want to get convicted and shown the absolute horrific, sin stained, godless, idolatrous, hardened, stone like, perverted, state of the human heart, without Jesus Christ, well, it’s really best that you just close your eyes, go back to sleep, and whatever you do;  DO NOT buy Kim Balogh’s book, The Wide Road!

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