Battling Laodecia


The Wide Road: Battling Laodecia

As a new author, I got my first big taste of criticism and boy was that a slap in the face! Now, I expect unbelievers to hate my book, but Christians? Yes, Kim Balogh, even some Christians!

The Lord commissioned me to write the story and so I did. Not claiming to be the greatest writer going, and in fact with a handy cap of being dyslexic, I started to work. It took many years to complete due to many different factors, but I never gave up on what the Lord asked me to do. There were other challenges to face as well; being a first time writer and writing on controversial topics. Who would ever publish it?

In a time when Laodicea reigns on her throne of apathy, my book comes out! She does not like it! Should I be surprised? No! But I was! Yes, I did not consider that Laodicea ruthlessly will rise up her minions to try and crush any one that would try to expose her. Ah, Laodicea, I should have known.

You see, I have encountered her before; when I tried to start evangelism outreaches in churches and her minions would tell me, “That is just not our vision,” and when I brought in the poor and needy to eat at our church diner. (We had so much food and were blessed beyond words that I knew we could spare a few crumbs for the homeless and hungry.) Laodicea, however, sent her minions to shut me down! “How dare you try to make our church into a soup kitchen? We are not a homeless shelter!”

When will I ever learn, that Laodicea will never give up, trying to go for my throat! God is good however, because he always has a way of making the burden light. When I found out that I am not the only one Laodicea, the dark lord, and the do-gooders society, try to destroy with their evil power, I was honored.

Don’t you know Kim that you are in good company? These hounds from hell go after anyone with a message revealing Laodicea and her dark lord’s evil schemes! People like Frank Peretti! Yes, it seems some people don’t like his book either, and a lot more authors as well, who expose the darkness!

So, I will not be discouraged, and keep on writing and Laodicea can cry all she wants! If you want to find out more about Laodicea, the dark lord, and the do-gooders society, you can get my book!

I pray that you also will rise up against Laodicea and her minions! Don’t stop speaking the truth or writing the truth for the Good Shepherd is with you, leading you and providing for all your needs!

Sincerely, Kim Balogh

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  1. By proclaiming God’s truth, you have garnered Laodicea’s attention. It means you are on the right track!



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